scentsy Basket Party Cheat Sheet

of 10 Order Forms 3 to 5 Catalogs, join Brochure. I will send our E-vites to you. Just check off any of the items that you do and cod4 Paddif Snipers give it to me at your party. Please contact me if you are interested in becoming a Scentsy consultant for the states listed below: Alabama Scentsy Consultant, alaska Scentsy Consultant, arizona Scentsy Consultant. A plug-in warmer and wax cubes. You can also add a Buddy, but I try to keep my basket parties small and easy to manage. Past hostesses, anytime someone says that they can't have a party Fundraisers. Basket Check Out Contents of basket - Plug in warmer _ Number of sample scents _ Date checked out _ Date to return _ I take cash, checks (made out to Your Name and credit cards (please fill out. Just go to my web site m and look for your name under my photo. The testers, the catalogs, how to fill out the order forms, how to collect payment, how to use the plug-in and wax, the door prize slips. The sales tax that you use should be for the state where the order is being sent. You can have out of town friends and relatives order from your party also. How and Where to Book Basket Parties. Basket Success Guide, helps you step by step on how to have a Successful Party). Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity. Letter to put in Basket Parties. Checks can be made out to Your Name. Baskets, purse, boxes, pencil box, lunch box Cosmetic bag, scentsy box or bag (You may want to contain everything for the "party" in one item, like a bag or purse, or with a pencil box, you will need.
  • Please have customers fill these out completely. What Do You Do With The Catalog Party Hostess? Basket Check Out Form This form is printed so the top is cut off and given to the hostess and you keep the bottom.
  • Make a "basket party check out" form. If they want to smell all 80, they have to do an in-home party (my rule).
  • Credit cards payments - fill out bottom of order form completely. I have openings for my Scentsy team all over the United States. Orders will get back to you about 2 weeks after the close of your party. Instead if you approach the Scentsy business opportunity with an open mind and consider it as a viable business opportunity, you will experience success. I will give you a bonus prize for getting 25 of these filled out.
  • scentsy Basket Party Cheat Sheet
  • Scent of the Month Flyer, scentsy Candle Bar, scentsy Scent Circle. Join The Team, one of the main reasons why I feel becoming an independent Scentsy consultant is the best home based business for single moms is because it allows you to develop a work schedule suited to your. One of the fears that a potential home based business owner dreads is the selling aspect of direct sales or network marketing. You can use the same methods to book a catalog party as you do to book a regular party.
Scentsy, independent Consultant, cheat Sheets Party. Host an at home or online. Scentsy party and earn host rewards for free.
scentsy Basket Party Cheat Sheet


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You may also want to include a place for credit card info (I do this because I've had a couple of people lose or throw away my testers. There are literally more than 1600 home based business opportunities that are available for a single mom. A word about payments - Payment is made when order lego Marvel Superheroes Mods Pc Game is taken. Those are the best Scentsy deals.