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I bring you a mod that is in no way special or unique, but nonetheless is something useful. Glass mod by ArchTehBoss does exactly what you might think it adds more craftable glass blocks to the game, allowing for more interesting buildings. Mod adds to the game a possibility of installation of glass of any color horizontally and allow to do to build a glass roof, house and wall download mod on horizontal glass for. Glowing Glass Mod For Minecraft.7.10. More Glass Mod for Minecraft.7.10 MinecraftDLs Glowing Glass Mod For Minecraft.7.10 PC Java Mods PaneInTheGlass Mod for Minecraft.7.10 MinecraftSide Overview - LookingGlass - Mods - Projects - Minecraft If you wanted to diversify the game world in Minecraft, then this simple and small modification will help you to achieve this. Mod adds to the game a glowing glass and the panel. The blocks will look the same as vanilla, the only difference appears in the emission of light. The PaneInTheGlass Mod is perfect for those players who want to build some detailed structures with some realistic glass. This simplistic mod is so loved by a lot players such that they said on a lot online communities related to Minecraft that this mod needs to be included in the vanilla Minecraft because by using this mod your Minecraft. The public release of my Glass Mod Currently adds over 64 new blocks as well as their crafting recipes. Also adds one new ore as well as glass tools and armor The mod adds Coloured Glass Tinted Glass light variations of both Smooth Glass A new ore Quartz Ore New armor and tools as well as making. I would love to see some Netherrack glass that keeps fires burning forever. Video Review Mod Horizontal Glass, download Links for, mod Horizontal Glass. Installation: Requires MC Forge, To install, add the extracted file to the 'Mods' folder.minecraft! Plans: - A deus Ex Human Revolution Code Pc Glass Bow ( That's actually animated. Version.3b: - Glass Bow now fires! Thanks to Eutlek for making a cool mod showcase for me, also a cool Logo! I love the idea of obsidian, glowstone, and cactus glass, as they make these blocks far more useful than they were to begin with.
LookingGlass s name is a reference to Through the Looking Glass (The novel following Alice in Wonderland). The mod provides an API for other mods to use to create live, animateable render views of other dimensions. It does all the heavy lifting and rendering of the other worlds, providing a simple interface to the perspective of the other world.
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  2. Glowstone Glass: functions the same as glowstone, except that it is clear.  This makes for an interesting look, but not practical in some situations. The only different block in terms of recipe is the obsidian glass, which is made by surrounding one block of obsidian with glass. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! The public release of my Glass Mod!
  3. The mod itself has no configs but configs applied to iChunUtil s World Portals will apply. Holes in the world of the glass render is a known issue that I ve not been able to fix for this mod nor Portal Gun. Requires iChunUtil and Minecraft Forge.
  4. Minecraft Glass Mod 1 7 10
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  6. The new blocks include Light-versions of Smooth Glass! Will look even more epic. Added Glass Bow enchantment factors ( Enchanting it does a lot!
minecraft Glass Mod 1 7 10


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I would say Arch yousician Pc Crack Free needs to focus on adding more special glass. These are: Obsidian Glass: black glass that is just as hard as naturally occurring obsidian. Currently adds over 64 new blocks, as well as their crafting recipes. Here are the screenshots comparison of full size glass blocks compared to horizontal panes. The coloring, however, feels a little lazy in many cases; for an almost entirely aesthetic mod, this is a problem.