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phone subscriptions, online surveys that generate the scammers income every time a user fills them out, or even downloading malicious software to their computers, security analyst Graham Cluley reports on his blog. What we may not know is that Google Street view also contains some of the worlds most creepy, weird, funny, strange and shocking images. This time from Sao Paulo, Brazil: Vintage racers?: A man with his beer: Not sure what happened here: haha Boy with a gun: Who let this dog out? Nevertheless, scammers have leaped on the opportunity to use anticipation about the button to exploit users eagerly awaiting its introduction. Fullsquaread/fullsquaread src srcvia urlm/maps/views/streetview Google/src). Thats a street selling commerce called camel, pretty common scene in Brazil: Chicken fight (We hate mistreating animals This one hurts A Hurt or either a sick cow dragging itself: The wrong turn in Scotland (. The scam tricks the user into liking a page and sharing the link with their friends. After all, Facebook itself just reminded us that it doesn't have Dislike yet, but that if it gets one, it will be an official part of Facebook itself.". A penguin on a Penny Farthing bike (. Santa in his lonely world: Funny but still an invasion of privacy by Google: ouchhh: ouchhh Again: Police shootout in New York: Aggressive woman: Red hackread Google Maps hot chilies: Google Street View car about to get coked: Some privacy invasion from England. Here is the live image : Sex doll somewhere unknown: Middle fingers to Google Street View Car: BJ somewhere in Karla Buriana: Mannequins In The Trash: Taking a wizz: Brazilian guy. Business Insider has contacted Facebook for comment, and we'll update this post once we hear back. Fighting Ebola in real life somewhere? Asses from Barcelona, Spain: Horse boy from Italy Image is still available here : Dog of a free ride: Not sure whats going on here: The dead donkey Twitter users claimed Google Street View car ran over. An old man with a bag like that is creepy hell: Four and a half man: Accident and tears: No idea whats going on here: Business and pleasure on streets: The real life Samurais: Seagull from thug life video lol: Some legs: We hide: Wheres Wally? Scammers are using fake Facebook "dislike" buttons in an attempt to trick unwitting users into handing over money, having malicious code downloaded to their computers, and liking pages, Digiday reports.


80 funny: Hackread Google Maps

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