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: Boogaloo mod for Half-Life Mod of the Week: Double Action Boogaloo, for Half-Life Double Action : Boogaloo, weapon Pack. Weapons from the game. Ported to, gMod. Models, materials and sounds were made. Hold E button and Left Click to use melee attack. Map on screenshots is museum. If you found a bug, write about this in commnets, and I will fix this bug. Half-Life 2 mod, released 2014. Double action : boogaloo game server hosting Double Action is about diving, flipping, and sliding your way into 90s action movie-inspired multiplayer mayhem. The game is completely free (no hats! runs on Valves Source engine, and has been in development for about 3 years. No files were found matching the criteria specified. Mod of the Week: Double Action Boogaloo, for Half-Life. Then, choose your specialty. The Marksman has better aim, reduced recoil, and faster reloading. The Bouncer punches faster and does more damage with his fists.

Double Action: Boogaloo released

The Bouncer punches double Action Boogaloo Mods faster and does more damage with his fists. Once installed, just restart Steam and Double Action Boogaloo will appear in your library. Check out the full update text here! Shooting someone while diving is cool. The first batch of Double Action achievements are drying in the sun as we speak, and they need some eye-candy icons to polish off the deal! Shooting someone in the head, thus killing them, while diving, is cooler still. Gain enough points and you can activate bullet-time powers. Boogaloo was originally looking for funding through Kickstarter, but failed to raise even 10 of the requested 18,000. That's why it's so cool!
  • If you'd rather try it now, you can download Double Action: Boogaloo from ModDB. Oct 12 2014 News, double Action is mere days away from being released on steam. That didn't deter its creators, who say they're proud of their achievement, despite the game releasing almost a year later than planned. What I described isn't some rare occurrence in Double Action Boogaloo. Updated maps, bugfixes and features.
  • Throw in some of Jon Woo's flapping doves and a few trench coats from The double Action Boogaloo Mods Matrix, and you've got a frenetic multiplayer action game consisting of nothing of movie trailer moments. Read on for more. Double Action: Update Inbound! Nicely, if you happen to fall off a roof alone, you don't have to fall all the way to the bottom twiddling your thumbs: a simple keypress will let you respawn topside.
  • Double Action: Updated, jan 30 2016 News, double Action has been updated! Players may be targeted if they're doing well, letting everyone know where they are on the map so they can be hunted down. In case I haven't been clear, this mod is super fun, full of crazy stunts and non-stop action. The Marksman has better aim, reduced recoil, and faster reloading.
  • There's a handful of servers available, and at least a couple nearly-full games going on around the clock. There's a couple of industrial maps as well, and of course, the best one, the rooftop skyscraper map, allowing for extended leaps through the air and long slides off of ledges, plus the awesome plummeting gunfights down to street level. Slow-motion doesn't seem like it would work in multiplayer. I don't know what that means, but sure, okay.
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  2. There's a first-person mode, which works quite well, though you miss out on seeing all the crazy moves your character is doing. Mostly, though, this is a game about diving and rolling and sliding and shooting, and even when objectives pop up, the action never really slows down or changes. Then, choose your specialty.
  3. Feb 14 2015 News. While falling, I reload both guns and we trade fire all the way down to the street. Take a look at what to expect coding Bullet List via this recent trailer.
  4. Double Action Boogaloo Mods
  5. You can also pick a class that carries more grenades, and one that increases your slow-motion powers. There are a bunch of damage balances which should make the game a little more solid.
  6. We suggest you try the file list with no filter applied, to browse all available. The game rewards you for your coolness with style points that allow you to boost the skills of whichever specialty you've chosen.
double Action Boogaloo Mods The Athlete runs faster, dives farther, and slides longer (three things you will be doing a lot of). Get your high performance. Double action : boogaloo game server hosting today running on machines that offer upto.2Ghz clock rates with a feature packed control panel. We offer 40 ddos protected world wide locations to ensure you get the lowest ping possible at an affordable rate. Double Action: Boogaloo released, is a spiritual successor to The Specialists mod.