cheat Don't Starve Together Pc

nity:SetMax(value) Change the Maximum Sanity of your character Maximum Hunger nger:SetMax(value) Change the Maximum Hunger of your character Pause Hunger nger:Pause(true) Your character won't starve anymore. Other Player Commands Note: Many of the following commands that are normally applied to your player, godmode or health changing commands, can be applied to other players by using c_select(AllPlayersnumber) first. Due to the nature of setup, these codes only work on the PC version. Unlock Everything (Currently all characters) Miscellaneous Commands Clear the morgue Clears the morgue. Spawn prefab c_spawn prefab amount improved DebugSpawn prefab spawns amount of selected "prefab" under the mouse cursor. The Command Console is enabled by default. Just type in the codes found below and follow through with pressing enter to confirm. Profile Commands While profile commands are permanent and do not need to be done each time, they do need to be performed while in a game. This command may crash your game if you are a client (unless you send it as a remote command). Find the DokumentyKleiDoNotStarve folder, find the i file, create and open a Notepad file. Teleport another player to you c_move(AllPlayersnumber) Moves the player to the cursor position. Werebeaver Turn Woodie into the Werebeaver. Damagemultiplier value Changes the Damage Multiplier of your character. Skip phase Skips the current phase. Super God Mode c_supergodmode Same as God Mode but also sets all your stats to full, even when turning it off. Note: if you were already showing symptoms of insanity, this code does NOT remove them. C_listallplayers This seems to not work so well anymore. For example, to kill a player called 'PlayerA' with player number 5, instead of doing: AllPlayers5:PushEvent death This requires you to first run c_listallplayers the Witcher 3 Money Making and figure out player number. You can be more precise by using c_listallplayers first to see the username and character for each player number. Reveal Map - Self minimap (0,0,0,10000) for x-1600,1600,35 do for y-1600,1600,35 do pExplorer:RevealArea(x,0,y) end end This is a local-only command and will not work if you are a client. Werebeaver Transformations c_setbeaverness(percentage) Turn Woodie into the Werebeaver. Re-lock all unlockable players Re-locks all unlockable players, such as Willow, Wes, Webber, Walani, etc.
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  2. Please check back at a later date for more cheats and codes to be added. God Mode c_godmode It won't drain Sanity, Hunger or Health when attacked anymore. If you don't get a full list try this command, it will print the player list to the chat. Use c_skip(x) to skip x amount Skip time units and update LongUpdate(X) Skips X time units and performs the "LongUpdate" function on world objects Note : There are 30 time units per segment.
  3. Only works with Backpacks and Items that can be stored in the inventory. This will ban the player cars Cheats with specified KU id for 120 seconds. This returns the total number of something in the entire world, and returns the value as though your character is talking.
  4. Scenario (Not tested) c_doscenario(scenario apply a scenario script to the selection and run. To cancel, enter Maintain Your Hunger c_maintainhunger(ThePlayer) Similar to supergodmode, but constantly regenerates your hunger.
cheat Don't Starve Together Pc